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Swiss aircraft management company FTC Consulting AG holds leading positions in business aviation market. For more than a decade now, private owners and companies entrust us operation of their business jets. Throughout 12 years many Russian companies and private owners entrust us their aircrafts. Cooperation with maintenance and support services all over the world as well as our own engineering and technical base in Moscow enable us to provide service and maintenance at the highest level.

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1 May 2018
FTC Consulting, Москва
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Position: Aircraft Dispatcher Department: Operational Department (OPS) Benefits:   To be discussed Work Time: Full day, shifts. This can include early mornings, evenings, weekends and bank holidays and possibly working at night if necessary. Location: Moscow Region, Aeroportovskaya str., SEZ "Sherrizone" (next to Sheremetevo Airport) Supervisory Responsibilities: None Candidate Requirements Experience: as a Flight Dispatcher 1+ years or experience in Aviation Industry. Education: High School Diploma or equivalent, Aircraft Dispatch Certificate is a plus. Citizenship: Russia or another (must have authorization to work in the Russian Federation). Skills, knowledge and qualifications: Professional Demeanor. Computer Literate. Thorough understanding of flight dispatch, logistic support software and professional flight management programs. Thorough understanding of FAA regulations; knowledge of aircraft performance factors; ability to multitask and exceptional attention to detail. Knowledge of Aviation Alphabet. Personal Features Must be flexible to work all shifts including weekends and holidays. Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language (ICAO – not lower than 4/Upper Intermediate). Another language is a plus. Ability to communicate on wide range of topics, not only professional ones. Must be able to work in a fast-paced, high stressed environment and have the ability to make quick decisions. Common sense. Must be able both to follow regulations and to make fast decisions and find solutions if necessary. Communication Skills: Good verbal and written communication skills, both Russian and English. None-smoker is a plus. Healthy life style is a plus. Marital status: married and with children is preferable Age: 23-55 Car owner is preferred (driving license must be available). Duties and Responsibilities: Supervise flight planning and release, according with local procedures, international practices and procedures (EASAOPS, ISBAO, ICAO) and company procedures (Operations Manual), in order to assure flights safety and legality. Analyze and elaborate weather and aeronautical (NOTAMs, CFMU, Slots) information reports that could affect daily operations; Analyze performance and weather restrictions; Request airport slots or PPRs; Flight Coordination with local airport authorities, Flight Information Regions, Air Traffic Control and Handlings; Flight Following, according to the company established procedures(Operations Manual). Proactively anticipate restrictions to flight operations and its impacts and propose solutions; Flight Crew Briefing; Execute Operational Flight Plan (OFP) according to Operations Manual; Validate and submit ATC flight plan and submit changes, keeping it active and current; Flight Release, according with passenger manifest, fuel on board, mass and balance, weather operation minima, legal alternates, airspace restrictions, performance restrictions, crew or aircraft qualifications, overflight and/or landing permits, airport slots/PPR and CFMU regulations.