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Approved employer since February 2018

Since 2006 The Global GSA Group is active in Russia under the name FF Cargo Services Ltd. The head office is located at the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo neighborhood called Khimki . FF Cargo Services also has own offices Moscow Domodedovo International airport, Vnukovo International airport and St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport (LED) - the second largest city in Russia, also known as “Northern Capital” of Russia. Our sales coverage include other major international gateways of Russia such as Ekaterinburg (SVX), Rostov (ROV), Kazan (KZN), Novosibirsk(OVB), Sochi(AER), Samara (KUF), Astrakhan (ASF) and Ufa (UFA).

Our Russian offices currently employ over 30 people.

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