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AIC JETS Corporation - Group of Companies Headquartered in USA. International aircraft brokerage corporation and aircraft dealer focused on worldwide sales of business jets and commercial aircrafts on behalf of authorized holders to qualified buyers.

Whether you're a start-up carrier or an existing airline with a valid AOC, please contact AIC JETS Corp. for assistance with your aircraft acquisition.

We are proud to be a Member of NBAA - National Business Aviation Association.

AIC JETS Corp. offers wide variety of services includes but not limited to:

- Commercial aircraft, business jet, helicopter and aviation parts brokerage
- Ferry flights and aircraft delivery
- Aircraft registration in USA and Offshore Jurisdiction
- Aircraft name and FAA number reservation
- Airport equipment sales
- Aircraft lease program
- Charter flights program
- Flight, visa and crew support in USA and in UAE
- Company registration in USA and UAE

Working not for us but with us means be a valuable part of international aerospace corporation with possibility to fly on commercial aircraft and business jet while visiting list of countries and meet professionals around the world. No matter where you work - in our office or onboard of aircraft. For qualified employees we offer purchase of corporate stocks and receive not only salary but dividends of our profit also.

Company Offices

USA, Kennesaw, GA

McCollum Airport, KRYY

Россия, Москва, Международный Аэропорт "Шереметьево"

Canary Islands, Playa de las Américas, Tenerife, Tenerife South Airport

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